If you haven't seen Ghost In The Shell movie - I highly recommend to watch it...

    I love the idea that film directors are making same movie every time - they have same underlying idea through all their movies. I've been fascinated by motion, the beauty of it, how poses of body convey emotions. The tank from the final battle in Ghost In The Shell left a long lasting impression on me. It has such a rigid shape, but then moves in a very fluid way which makes it seem more like an animal, and then it becomes completely static making it purely mechanical again. Now I realize that this was something that I wanted to build for a long time and I just had to get it out of my system :)    

More photos here...


  • 2x Raspberry Pi micro computers (1st for motion control, 2nd for face tracking)
  • 28x Servos (18 for legs, 4 for body, 6 for weapons)
  • 1x Camera (for face tracking)
  • 3x Servo drivers
  • 2x Lasers (how can you have a robot without lazors??!!! :))
  • 1x Distance sensor
  • 1x PS3 controller (or XBox controller when developing on Windows)


  • Custom engine with special gait algorithm, animation playback, IK, face tracking, etc.
  • Unity pipeline for converting animations and skeleton from 3D animation software into custom format.

~250 hours of 3D printing using XYZPrinting DaVinci 1.0 printer.

Story (behind the scenes)

This is just a short selections of shots from the making of the robot. If you want to read full story with all gory details you an do it here...

Special thanks

Makerspace (Kaunas) Robotikos mokykla

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